Working at Belgian Waffles Thijs

Wherever our waffles may travel, quality comes first. We meet the highest food safety standards and are fair trade certified. Sustainable quality is our motto.

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USPs of working at Belgian Waffles

Our crispy artisan biscuits indulge all your senses. We serve you:

  • fresh ingredients. We are an artisan bakery with an eye for quality.

  • pure Belgian craftsmanship. Yet we produce over 40.000 biscuits an hour.

  • unmatched flavors with a rich culinary tradition and secret family recipes.

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It’s our customer’s choice whether or not Fairtrade certified commodities are used in our production processes.

Our chocolate finishes can be sweetened with fair cacao. We hold the RSPO supply chain standards in high regard and we are proud of our Rainforest Alliance label, all to encourage the sustainable use of palm oil.

Do you value responsible business management? We make sure your waffles are served with an extra Fairtrade topping.

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Our products are consistently produced and controlled in accordance with high GMP-standards. We regularly make food hazard analysis using the HACCP-model and take action to pinpoint and solve Critical Control Points (CCP’s).

Our quality assurance team gives their best every day to optimize and improve all quality standards in our bakeries. Our employees and operators are trained to guarantee your food safety and to reduce contamination risks.

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