Passion for taste, Driven by quality

We serve you Belgian waffles of superior quality enriched with tradition and craftsmanship. As your most reliable private label partner, we flavor your needs with the perfect solution. 

Our mission

Tasty Belgian Waffles

Our delectable recipes remain in place since 1974. Only the best ingredients pass our high-quality standards. We serve you:

  • fresh ingredients. We are an artisan bakery with an eye for quality.

  • efficiently delivered waffles. With 29 ultra-modern production lines, even large orders are quickly processed.

  • lower costs for greater quality. We excel in operational efficiency with the ultimate aim of having happy employees, satisfied customers and high-quality products.

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What we value most

Belgian craft dipped in family traditions

We marry Belgium’s rich heritage to our family's dearest traditions. Even as the global industry leader we are today, this mix is what defines us.

  • We stick to craftsmanship, yet produce over waffles each year. 

  • We only select the best and purest local ingredients to tailor your unique Belgian-made waffle.

  • We consider our employees and customers as family. 


From flour to finish

Our traditional family recipes contain only the purest ingredients. They create the perfect harmony of flavours in our waffles and biscuits.  

Get a taste of how we go from artisan ingredients to a sensory celebration. Treat yourself to a Belgian culinary discovery tour! 

1 billion Belgian Waffles

We bake over waffles each year

29 production lines

We run 29 ultra-modern Belgium-based production lines

50+ destinations

Our Belgian craft appeals worldwide

Quality & research

Innovation. Passion. Taste.

Our ultimate vision? Grow into the world’s most sustainable and automated waffle manufacturer. We reach our goals through continuous investment and production excellence.

We excel in quality assurance. Our waffles meet the highest international standards in hygiene and food safety.


Diversity is our strength

More than 40 nationalities come together daily to craft the perfect waffle. This diversity drives our company culture and that’s what makes Belgian Waffles Thijs stand out.

We go the extra mile and let talent thrive. Our employees get the chance to take control of their own career and develop their strengths through lifelong learning.

Ready to take a leap with us? Contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Why our customers love our waffles

Our Belgian baked delicacies appeal worldwide. 
Get a taste of our customers’ desires.

Our waffles, your brand?

Belgian Waffles Thijs is your N° 1 private label partner to solve your quest for pure taste. We are here to advise you.