Commitment to sustainable growth

The Belgian Waffles Thijs belief? Our people and planet come first. Our ambition is to reshape the industrial waffle industry and take the lead in ecology, sustainability and talent acquisition. 

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Greening our palette

Energy supplies are precious. At Belgian Waffles Thijs, we seek solutions that reduce our carbon footprint. 

As we reduce our energy, we control your costs. A win-win.

CO2 neutral

We take action to reduce our carbon footprint

Zero waste

We recycle and repurpose

40 nationalities

Diversity strengthens our day-to-day business


Durable solutions for tastier waffles

Rooting for sustainability every step of the way:

  • Our commodities originate from local suppliers who share our love for the artisanal bakery craft. This durable strategy enhances our waffles with the best possible pure Belgian taste. 

  • We let nothing go to waste. Waffles and biscuits that do not meet our high food standards are recycled into cattle feed. 

  • We are Fairtrade certified. Our chocolate finishes can be sweetened with fair cocoa. In accordance with the RSPO supply chain standards, we only use sustainable palm oil.

  • The people make the waffles. They are our most precious heritage. We put our employees first and give them a voice in our day-to-day operations. We believe cooperative and sustainable business management is the way forward in the food industry.


Diversity is our strength

More than 40 nationalities come together daily to craft the perfect waffle. This diversity drives our company culture and that’s what makes Belgian Waffles Thijs stand out.

We go the extra mile and let talent thrive. Our employees get the chance to take control of their own career and develop their strengths through lifelong learning.

Ready to take a leap with us? Send us your CV and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Make history with our waffles?

Looking for a sustainable private label partner to solve your quest for pure taste? Our master bakers are here to advise you.