Belgian Waffles

Our scrumptious signature recipes: Belgian waffles enriched with tradition and craftsmanship. Fresh ingredients only. No preservatives. No artificial coloring.

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Why our waffles continue to please

Our delicate artisan waffles tantalize your senses. We serve you:

  • fresh ingredients. We are an artisan bakery with an eye for quality. 

  • pure Belgian craftsmanship. Yet, we produce over waffles each year.

  • unmatched flavors with a rich culinary tradition and secret family recipes. 

Did you know that we process over 20.000 waffles per hour on 1 production line?

Try our treats


From flour to finish

Our traditional family recipes contain only the purest ingredients. They create the perfect harmony of flavours in our waffles and biscuits.  

Get a taste of how we go from artisan ingredients to a sensory celebration. Treat yourself to a Belgian culinary discovery tour! 

1 billion waffles

We bake over waffles each year

50+ destinations

Our Belgian craft appeals worldwide

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Our waffles, your brand?

Belgian Waffles Thijs flavors your needs with the perfect solution. Our master bakers are here to advise you.