The future tastes sweet

Belgian Waffles Thijs holds a special place for science and sustainability. We are passionate about making a difference in the ever-changing bakery industry.

Research & Product Development

Defining new flavors

If you choose Belgian Waffles Thijs, you choose sustainable and future-proof food processing. Our experienced R&D team brings in innovative and durable solutions to optimize our infrastructure. 

Belgian Waffles Thijs invests in scientific nutrition research to tailor your bakery needs. We recently built an on-site food lab to solve customer inquiries regarding food composition and quality. Based on those research results, we make suggestions to adjust our private label recipes.

Did you know The shelf life of pearl sugar waffles can be extended if packed individually? Trust us, our R&D team took the test!

As part of our innovation strategy, Biscuiterie Thijs collaborates with KU Leuven (Laboratory of Food Chemistry and Biochemistry) in a VLAIO-funded project to study the impact of our processes and ingredients on waffle quality. Additionally, we financially support research projects related to the bakery industry. We currently serve on the advice committee of the TETRA projects "Draf in galop" (VIVES - Expertisecentrum Agro- en Biotechnologie & KU Leuven - Departement Microbiële en Moleculaire Systemen) and “PulseBake” (HoGent - Campus Melle UGent - Vakgroep Levensmiddelentechnologie, Voedselveiligheid en Gezondheid) and the cSBO project “PulseFlour” (KU Leuven – Laboratory of Food Technology).

Did you know We also offer vegan waffles?

Taste & texture

We serve fresh Belgian waffles with pure ingredients and superior taste. In our sample bakery, our R&D team tests our waffle’s texture to improve shelf life. With the help of our food texture analyzer, we study how different ingredients and processes impact dough consistency and waffle texture. 

Pure taste is one of the most essential components of our waffles. Our scientists have established an in-house taste panel to optimize our waffles’ flavors and textures. This scientific panel was selected and trained according to ISO 8586:2012 and all its experiments and sensory analyses are performed in accordance with the ISO 13299:2016 and ISO 20613:2019 standards.

A new product development team

Biscuiterie Thijs assists its clients in making smart packaging and shipping choices. We can also help you to get custom foils made according to your preference. 

Would you prefer some guidance about label regulations or are you in need of logistical solutions? You can count on our team for help.

Did you know We go far beyond creating new recipes for our clients? We also help to successfully market new products!

Vegan, bio or low in sugar?

Belgian Waffles Thijs helps you solve your quest for pure taste! What you need, is what we serve you.

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Chocolate sugar waffle
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