General sales terms

  1. Our invoices are payable to the seller's address, net, cash, without discount, unless otherwise agreed at the time of the order. Our bills of exchange or receipts do not imply any claim or derogation to this clause.

  2. Any invoice remaining unpaid on its due date shall, ipso jure and without warning or formal notice, bear interest at 18%, plus a fixed compensation equal to 20% of the amount due, with a minimum of €25.

  3. Until full payment of all claims resulting for the buyer from the sales agreement, the delivered goods shall remain the exclusive property of the seller and may be reclaimed by the seller in case of late payment.

  4. For all disputes, only the courts of the seller's district are competent.

  5. The goods, even shipped carriage paid, travel at the risk of the consignee. To be valid, any complaint must be made in writing within eight days of delivery.

Sugar waffle
Chocolate sugar waffle
Spiced bisquit