Butter crisp waffles

Our crisp butter waffles are easy to recognize by the typical diamond pattern and unrivaled crispy bite. These golden brown biscuits will melt in your mouth at any time of day.

Find the right fit to indulge your senses

Only fresh ingredients. No preservatives. No artificial coloring.

  • Size


    30g - 3 x 10g

    40g - 4 x 10g

  • Recipe


  • Packing

    Folding box



Ideal shelf life

Our waffles have superior taste when served fresh. We advise you to market them until:

  • Ambient

    12 months

Our specialists are always one step ahead of new food trends and innovations. That’s how we make a difference in the ever-changing bakery industry.

Our waffles meet the highest international standards in hygiene and food safety.

Research & innovation

Innovation. Passion. Taste.

40.000 biscuits

We bake over 40.000 biscuits an hour

50+ destinations

Our Belgian craft appeals worldwide

Pearl sugar or butter?

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