Belgian-made perfection, from flour to finish

We create perfectly tasting waffles and biscuits in no time at all. 
How we make that possible?


From raw diamond to sugar pearl

Every baking story starts with one of our traditional family recipes. From that point forward, automated processes and highly efficient production lines take over. The end result? Perfect waffles in the shortest time possible.

As soon as your order comes in, our engines start to run. Fresh ingredients are automatically yet carefully measured until they reach the perfect balance. The dough’s finishing touch is processed manually to guarantee our waffle’s superior taste. Our signature pearl sugar is added at the very last moment, just before the dough goes into the proofing cabinet.


Rising excellence

After proofing, our waffles enter and exit the ovens automatically. In our cooling zones, the waffles are brought to room temperature. An essential step in our process, this prevents condensation when packing.
Our waffles come in all sizes and shapes. Robotic finishing lines add the extra chocolate or powder sugar sparkle.


We pack for superior taste and freshness 

Our pastries are packed with the greatest care, automatically or manually. We have equipped the automatic lines with cutting-edge Pick & Place technology. These innovative showpieces pick our waffles off the production lines, pack and box them according to your preferences.

Paletizers make sure the packaging is stacked efficiently. Pallets are SSCC coded before they leave for the warehouse. For a maximum of 5 days, our waffles are put to rest before pick-up or export. We’re committed to delivering our customer’s orders as fresh as possible.

Ready to embark on a culinary adventure?

We’ve got you covered in every step of the baking process.

Baked in Belgium, delivered worldwide

Our Belgian waffles appeal worldwide.
These are the more than 50 destinations we ship to!

Quality & Research

The smart bakery of the future

Our specialists are always one step ahead of new food trends and innovations. That’s how we make a difference in the ever-changing bakery industry.

Our waffles meet the highest international standards in hygiene and food safety.

Sugar waffle
Chocolate sugar waffle
Spiced bisquit