Passion for taste, driven by quality

Wherever our waffles may travel, quality comes first. We meet the highest food safety standards and are fair trade certified. Sustainable quality is our motto.

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Food safety

Worldwide certification

Belgian Waffles Thijs is a leading business in the international waffle industry and we believe food safety is a prerequisite for quality insurance and risk-management. 

We are a GFSI certified global retail supplier, meeting the criteria of all prevalent food safety labels such as IFS and BRC. While ACS is not a requirement for FCA, being ACS-compliant means being subject to fewer mandatory inspections and levies. In addition to ACS, we also ensure our recycled side stream for cattle feed meets the FCA standards. 

Whatever your food safety requirements, we’ve got you covered.

IFS and BRC compliant

We meet worldwide food safety requirements

Fairtrade certified

If requested, we use Fairtrade commodities

Trained quality assurance team

We regularly perform HACCP-analysis


We care for people and planet

It’s our customer’s choice whether or not Fairtrade certified commodities are used in our production processes.

Our chocolate finishes can be sweetened with fair trade cocoa. We hold the RSPO supply chain standards in high regard and we are proud of our Rainforest Alliance label, all to encourage the sustainable use of palm oil. 

Do you value responsible business management? We make sure your waffles are served with an extra Fairtrade topping. 

Quality assurance

An indispensable day-to-day practice

Our products are consistently produced and controlled in accordance with high GMP-standards. We regularly make food hazard analysis using the HACCP-model and take action to pinpoint and solve Critical Control Points (CCP’s). 

Our quality assurance team gives their best every day to optimize and improve all quality standards in our bakeries. Our employees and operators are trained to guarantee your food safety.

Belgian Waffles of superior quality?

Belgian Waffles Thijs is your most reliable private label partner who takes quality assurance and food safety very seriously.