Pearl sugar waffle

This real Belgian top class product, known as ‘Luikse' waffle, is an indulgently juicy waffle frosted with pearls of sugar. A delicacy which you can enjoy both hot and cold.

Find the right fit to indulge your senses

Only fresh ingredients. No preservatives. No artificial coloring.

  • Size

    35g - Round/Mini

    55g - Round

    90g - Oval

    100g - Oval

  • Recipe




  • Finish


    Cocoa powder

    Cocoa fantasy

    Belgian chocolate drops

    Belgian dark chocolate

    Belgian milk chocolate

  • Packing

    Single pack

    Multi pack


    Carton + Flow pack


Ideal shelf life

Our waffles have superior taste when served fresh. We advise you to market them until:

  • Frozen

    18 months

  • Defrosted

    3 to 4 weeks

  • Ambient

    12 weeks

Our specialists are always one step ahead of new food trends and innovations. That’s how we make a difference in the ever-changing bakery industry.

Our waffles meet the highest international standards in hygiene and food safety.

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